Dec 11, 2014

My old roommate of two years got married this Fall and loves Kay & Bee… but the Bee was in the wedding so the beautiful Kim Guthrie second shot with Ashley K. for her wedding. These are her shots. 🙂

It’s weird to see your own face in photos. I have a weird laugh. My hair rules though. Not to mention everyone’s makeup, courtesy of yours truly. 

Dec 4, 2014

I don’t think I’ve ever ever ever spent so many hours straight at my computer at such little sleep. I’m wired and on a roll! Prepping for the upcoming 2015 wedding consults to start coming in and meeting so many more brides makes me drink SO much Dr. Pepper. I’m not kidding, in my trashcan by my desk ALONE, there’s three empty 32 oz. plastic cups that once was home to the delicious dark soda. 

Dec 2, 2014

Hey y’all! 

I’m so happy to be back at the computer after being away for over 6 days. You all have absolutely no idea how absolutely draining it has been thinking about work, and not actually being able to get anything done! But, I’m back. Just a few more deadlines to hit before Winter Planning starts!

Let’s talk about this trip.