Thanksgiving + Houston, Texas

Hey y’all! 

I’m so happy to be back at the computer after being away for over 6 days. You all have absolutely no idea how absolutely draining it has been thinking about work, and not actually being able to get anything done! But, I’m back. Just a few more deadlines to hit before Winter Planning starts!

Let’s talk about this trip. 

First and foremost, my boyfriend and I traveled for 10 hours with my parents and brother in a Jeep that fits five people last week to go to Houston to visit my family. 5 spots and all five spots full. TEN hours. Talk about uncomfortable. We got in around midnight on Tuesday and woke up bright and early to greet everyone. 

If you didn’t already know, Houston is THE best city in the world. Maybe I’m biased (okay, I am) but I’m pretty darn sure it’s the best. Southern Hospitality is like nothing else in the world. People welcome you into their homes with open arms. We had Thanksgiving at Grannys and it was a gorgeous set up thanks to Aunt Laura. I swear I took a photo on my iPhone of that, but now it’s gone.

My favorite day of the entire trip was probably Saturday night. We went to play Top Golf. If you HAVEN’T heard of TopGolf; here: ! TALK ABOUT THE BEST TIME EVER. There’s three levels to this building of literally driving golf balls hundreds of feet. The goal of it is to hit the balls into these massive holes in the ground. When you do, you get points and of course to win, you want the most points. My goal? Just not miss the ball. I felt immense satisfaction when the club hit the golf ball and intense sadness when I missed and looked like a fool. All I wanted to do was hit the ball. So, that’s what I did. My boyfriend on the other hand had a different goal. He just wanted to hit the ball over the fence protecting the cars from the flying pellets of golf balls! Boys.

In case you were wondering, yes they are building one nearby. KANSAS CITY, ya hear?

All in all, I’m so happy to be home. See you next Thanksgiving, Houston.



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