All about the Bee of Kay & Bee

H E L L O   T H E R E ! ! ! ! 

You feel like I’m shouting don’t you? I promise I’m not. It’s merely excitement.

  • My name is Ashley Burbank and I’m an extrovert, photographer, and a beauty nerd.
  • My last name is the same as a city in California. I thought that was extremely fascinating when I was seven.
  • I’ve never broken a bone and I’m really proud of that.
  • I’m an (almost) graduate of Crave Beauty Academy. I’m (almost) an esthetician and a firm believer in the wonderful anti-aging superman, Sunscreen.
  • I think the person who had the grand plan to put junk on your face to make you feel prettier was a genius.
  • I have a passion in making you feel beautiful whether it’s with chemical peels and facials, makeup or in photographs. They all go hand in hand, really. 😉 
  • Make me laugh and we’ll be best friends. Seriously.
  • My favorite television show is currently Sons of Anarchy, however since that just ended, I’ll probably resort to binge-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix while I sit in front of my computer and burn my retinas.
  • If I’m not on my computer or glued to my television, I’m probably YouTubing on my iPad.
  • I’m addicted to Dr. Pepper, however I’m really trying to cut that poison out of my life and support drinking strictly the H2O.
  • You’ll probably never see me with the same hair color twice, but I’ve been liking red lately so things may be changing.
  • The basics? I have no children and I’m not married (yet). The (yet) is a new thing. I was sure I was not one of those people that’s supposed to end up being married with children. I may have the passion of shooting your beautiful love stories but I didn’t think that was for me and I might be wrong.
  • I love love love writing and find my voice using my fingertips and keys on a keyboard. It’s the only place in life I can be truly as witty as momma intended me to be. You can follow my personal blog here and read about the ramblings of my puppy, Tally or the crazy things Justin says.

Wanna know a true story? I’ve got a few but I’ll leave you with: One time, I left school at 9:00pm and on my way home received a text message to give someone a spray tan. Little did I know, hours later I’d have the ability to say that I spray-tanned Julianne Hough. If you wanna know my other rad true stories, you’ll have to meet me and ask!

I’m an open book, really.



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