All about the Bee of Kay & Bee

H E L L O   T H E R E ! ! ! !

You feel like I’m shouting don’t you? I promise I’m not. It’s merely excitement.

  • My name is Ashley Burbank and I’m an extrovert, photographer, and a beauty nerd.
  • My last name is the same as a city in California. I thought that was extremely fascinating when I was seven.
  • I’ve never broken a bone and I’m really proud of that.
  • I think the person who had the grand plan to put junk on your face to make you feel prettier was a genius.
  • I have a passion in making you feel beautiful whether it’s with chemical peels and facials, makeup or in photographs. They all go hand in hand, really. 😉
  • Make me laugh and we’ll be best friends. Seriously.
  • My favorite television show is currently Sons of Anarchy, however since that just ended, I’ll probably resort to binge-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix while I sit in front of my computer and burn my retinas.
  • If I’m not on my computer or glued to my television, I’m probably YouTubing on my iPad.
  • I’m addicted to Dr. Pepper, however I’m really trying to cut that poison out of my life and support drinking strictly the H2O.
  • You’ll probably never see me with the same hair color twice, but I’ve been liking red lately so things may be changing.
  • The basics? I have no children and I’m not married (yet). The (yet) is a new thing. I was sure I was not one of those people that’s supposed to end up being married with children. I may have the passion of shooting your beautiful love stories but I didn’t think that was for me and I might be wrong.
  • I love love love writing and find my voice using my fingertips and keys on a keyboard. It’s the only place in life I can be truly as witty as momma intended me to be.

I’m an open book, really.

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