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Ashley Burbank of Kay + Bee gets married in an intimate ceremony with family during the Coronavirus Outbreak and shares her advice for your own wedding.

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My Own Intimate Wedding at Blue Vista

Ashley Burbank of Kay + Bee gets married in an intimate ceremony with family during the Coronavirus Outbreak and shares her advice for your own wedding.


Wedding Party + Bridesmaids Gift Idea & Review

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We’ve kept a BIG secret! 2017 Rebrand

HOLY MOLY, WE ARE SO EXCITED! I digress. Let’s get into why. When getting into business with someone else, no one ever told us that we’d have multiple identity crisis’ in the first few years and short of that, no one ever  told us how to get through them. After attending our favorite conference ever for […]



DW Home Candles

Let’s jump right in! We all like to dreeaaam of a casa that’s endlessly spotless… but let’s be real… there’s no chance that’s ever happening. (But we’ll pretend.) One trick to a seemingly cleaner home is a candle! It’s really that simple. There’s something spectacular about a fragrant new flame burning in your home. You’ve […]



Our 3 Favorite Stories and Travel Hacks

A lot can happen in a years’ time. I look back at this time last year and it feels like forever ago yet somehow, time has flown by. Shoot, I can’t even easily recall what I ate for breakfast. (It was a Sonic Breakfast Bacon Toaster… because, health. ;)) LET ALONE, looking back over the last […]


The “Not So Silent” Siri

As photographers, we’ve all been put in this predicament in one way or another. We attempt to wake up at the crack of dawn, chug yesterday’s pot of coffee, turn our creative brains on and scurry out the door… all for a wedding an hour and a half away.

Did you see what I missed there? BREAKFAST. “It’s the most important meal of the day,” they say. On wedding day this speaks the most truth!


Throwback Thursday | A Trip to Houston

This might be the earliest throwback Thursday post every created. 12:32 AM, ya’ll! (The ya’ll makes a lot of since for this post. We’re talking about Houston here this morning!)

Let’s go back to my happy place. 


Sheva’s Struggle | A Boxer with Mega-Esophagus

When you wake up in the morning to single digit temperatures with a very sick dog, there’s little to motivate you to go take pretty pictures. My day literally consisted of photographing my dog with my iPhone, sitting at a desk learning about Anatomy, and being extremely sappy thinking about old times. Winter-time-blues are coming on strong.


Arctic Week

She’s a spunky, full of energy, charismatic little bubble of life that seriously can make anybody smile. She’s got a whole lot of awesome going on.. majoring in theatre performance at WSU and working as a barista at a swanky little coffee shop on the East side. Go visit her at Il Primo Espresso Cafe and get a delicious mocha (don’t forget to tell her who sent you!)  We typically don’t do headshots, however I couldn’t pass up some time to spend with my old gal pal! 


Styled Shoot at The Wichita Boathouse with Wild Oak Films

Today has been the brightest cloudy day to date. I started out awake as ever ready to FILL my day with things to do so let’s talk about that.

Picked up my sister for a bargain shopping date and got $75 doll hairs worth of candles for $26 BUCKS. Go to Bath & Body Works for that steal of a deal like pronto! We worked up a shopping appetite so we left and went to River City Brewery for lunch! Attempted to take a selfie there for the blog, but after the king-size fried buffalo burger and ranch drizzled fries (that were to die for) my water balloon face was saying, “no thanks! not today!” It was also 12:35 in the afternoon and I saw a party of 15 people in ugly sweaters taking tequila shots. What job do they have where they can do that??? I must find out.

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