Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. -Aristotle

Hello There! We are Wedding + Elopement Photographers based out of Kansas with a passion in adventures and capturing love in the only way that makes sense to us; with bona fide honesty. Your wedding day will come and go before your eyes, and as the adrenaline fuels your body on the most incredible journey of your life, we work together to create the authentic moments that will stay forever. 


We are Ashley K. and Ashley B. and we've been wedding photographers for almost 5 years together. Over the course of that time, we've been ecstatic to break the mold and become who we are as photographers. We obsess over authentic moments and all of the giggles, smirks, and tears in-between the posed images. Just give us some candy and coffee and we're good to go! We both are extreme dog lovers, and live for the relationships we get to build, adventures we get to take, and the love stories we are able to document.


If we had to classify our style (which on a scale of 1 to 10 on difficulty, it's definitely a 9.5) we'd have to agree that we're lifestyle wedding photographers with more of a photo-journalism take on a wedding day mixed with a little splash of authentic "posed" imagery. We use the term "posed" loosely, because it's NOT your typical posing. Our JAM is when we capture our couples in their element, with the essence of their souls encompassing them. Our goal is for long after your wedding day, your grandchildren can look at an image of their grandma and grandpa and say, "Woah, grandpa still holds grandma like that!" We'd adore being able to give that to you! xx


Days after we made the decision to become more intentional within our business, and to begin to focus on helping local photographers with their Senior Photography Businesses and Senior Rep Programs, we were approached about mentoring individuals. Recently, we were also asked to speak and educate at a Retreat in March (which we're SO excited for!) After all of these things began, it seemed like the natural place to go was to develop a mentoring program. It's something we're both passionate about. Bee is an open book, while Kay loves her some new friends. We truly believe we have something for everyone and are ready to share our successes, many failures, trials and tribulations.


1:1 Sessions...

1:1 Online mentoring

2:1 In-person mentoring


for the photographer who wants to

x have all the session benefits

x take full advantage of their camera

x grow their business from the 
ground up

x attract their ideal client in their market

x have all of their business questions answered

x find their identity and what makes
them different

x build a social media strategy

x have K or B come along to 
session and send a custom advice doc to create an even more kickass client experience

x talk about business management

x create a system that works for
their lifestyle

x figure out how to manage the
expectations of their clients

x have a portfolio review

x create consistency within their 
business + brand

x overhaul their pricing structure

x get into a successful partnership

x or maybe wants to create a successful 
senior program

x create a meaningful online presence. it is like a store-front

x have their website reviewed for ease of use, consistency + impressions

x constructive feedback on their website,
+ social media outlets and how to improve their strategy to reach their  ideal client

x have a reference to be better at 
communicating through their brand presence
and socials

x ask questions pertaining to their own online strategy via Skype

950 | 2 days

150 | per hr


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So you're engaged! You're starting your journey of your adventure of a forever love with your person. You're looking for that team that can bring your vision to life. You're scouring through wedding images, looking for someone that has a style that speaks to you. Then you ended up here. :) We want to bring your story to life! We say it all of the time, and it's been a constant since we started our business nearly 4 years ago. The in-betweens are the moments, the moments that you care about and will cherish forever. A thousand moments pass each day but with the closing of our shutter, a special moment will be forever kept. We're all about the laughter, the wind, the day as it's happening. The way he looks at you when he keeps you safe. Those are the moments that make us (literally) jump up and down. When we capture something so powerful, it's as if there's nothing greater we could have accomplished. The start of your adventure, captured in one cherished moment.


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Our wedding collections currently begin at $2,500. If you believe we'd be the perfect duo for your day, click the button below!


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"Words cannot describe how wonderful these ladies are. Not only did they spend so much time with us listening to our wants for our engagement and wedding pictures, but they genuinely cared about making our day run as smoothly and beautifully as possible. We had very high hopes about having beautiful wedding pictures but never in a million years would we have thought they were going to turnout as BEAUTIFUL as they did. Seriously, they are beautiful. These girls are HIGHLY recommended."

Emily, 2015.

You know those beautiful wedding photos you see on Pinterest? Well, those are the wedding photos you'll receive if you book Kay & Bee! Not only is their photography stunning, these girls are beautiful inside and out! They made planning fun and stress free because they know the questions to ask to make sure the day runs smooth. Also, having two photographers allows you to get two perspectives from your big day! That's pretty wonderful and a no brainer if you ask me! Remember, you get what you pay for. Splurge on Kay & Bee. You won't regret it.

Lily, 2015.

Kay and Bee are such innovative ladies, and it shows in their amazing work! Not only that, but we LOVE K&B's energetic personalities. They made being in front of the camera comfortable and fun. These ladies will not let you down, they went above and beyond on our wedding day to make sure our photos turned out perfect (fixing our ceremony backdrop, fixing my cake, and etc). We were kept in the loop every single step of the way and they were always prompt with responding to e-mails/messages. Thanks to K&B we have so many photos to cherish for years to come!

Kylie, 2015

Ashley and Ashley are amazing, super sweet and extremely talented ladies. They made me feel so comfortable on my wedding day and everyone just loved them. The pictures turned out so much better than I ever imagined or hoped for. Thank you so very much for everything, you guys are seriously the best! Xoxo

Christina, 2015

Create a schedule and follow it! The girls were kind enough to create one for us and it made the day go so much smoother. Also listen to the girls, they are amazing and really know what they are doing to make you feel like the most beautiful person on this planet.




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