How (not to) Procrastinate when Working from Home

I used to believe in sleeping in, going out, and making what should be top priorities… last priorities because let’s face it… top priorities are typically the stressful, daunting, no-fun tasks and who wants to spend their Friday morning doing that?

Step One.

Ignore the friend that tells you to come out for Thirsty Thursday. I mean, it’s 3-4-1’s. Such a great idea. DO NOT. I repeat. DO NOT listen to that friend. Terrible idea. That friend probably has their top priorities last priorities and we’re not about that, remember? If you’re underage, ignore this step. You’re a good kid and are not doing anything illegal. We’re going to lead lives of productive citizens.

Step Two.

Wake up early and be that person that spends their Friday morning on their top priorities. Before you sit down in front of that TV, start working. One your drive is gone, getting it back is next to impossible. I find that my most productive days are the days I don’t let anything distract me. Always start your day off positive.

Step Three.

Drink lots of coffee, or if you’re me, lots of Dr. Pepper. Caffeinate that body and have some motivation. If you don’t believe in caffeine, just make sure to go to bed at a decent hour. This is important.

Step Four.

Stay in your pajamas for the first half of the day. Once you start doing something else and you suffer from ADD like myself, you’re done for. Oh, that shower was nice. Now let’s spend two hours doing our makeup because we can. Do not do this. After 11 or 12 this becomes acceptable because maybe just maybe you need to run into town to do something productive. Well you must be presentable and show-ready at all times.

Step Five. 

Keep a to-do list and have it open. Live like this list. This list is your oxygen and without it, you fail. Prioritize your list and don’t let yourself stray from it.

Step Six.

Do NOT make a blog further procrastinating other productive matters you could be handling.



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