Meghan & Tanner | Outdoor Engagement Session

Meet Meghan & Tanner. (and Chubs, of course!)

I can sum up their relationship in three sentences, although I have to say that it’s worth way more than JUST three sentences.They were best friends at the start. Then they fell in love. Now they’re getting married! <3 <3 <3

A classic love story, one that’s been written in many variations, but none match up quite perfectly. Theirs is unique. It’s theirs. I guess you’ll have to wait until their wedding day blog to get to know them! 😉

And in regular Meghan & Tanner fashion, they laughed and didn’t take themselves too seriously!  Even their Chubs joined in on some silly fun.

**See below

We can’t wait for next Fall for their wedding! I’m sure it’ll be even MORE fun!




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