We’re a wedding photography team

about documenting wedding days as TRUTHFULLY as they unfolded.


we are kay x bee

Hey! Ashley + Ashley here

established 2013

BASED IN Wichita, KS

We blended our businesses together in 2013 because where one of our strengths was, the other had a weakness. We blended those together to make Kay + Bee a successful, well-oiled machine to create a stress-free process for our couples.

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how we got here

We genuinely care about our couples' history (like really care about it.)

We've been at this for 7 years and there's a lot we learned in those 84 months.

We adapt like it's our job (because it is.) Think unpredictable timelines, COVID, market trends, etc.

We've prioritized business and organization to happily manage ~ 40 couples each year.

From day 1, we've believed that kindness, positivity,  community, and a healthy mindset will propel us all forward.

We both love to create an inspiring environment to live + work.

We both love road trips, for the sole purpose of thrifting and podcast-listening.

We both work on living a sustainable life, eliminating the need for one water bottle at a time. (always accepting pointers in this department.)

Our Promise

We promise to serve you with our entire hearts on your wedding day, to treat every moment and person that surrounds you like they are just as important as the next, and to document it as truthfully as the day unfolds.

Ashley k

Enneagram 9w1

Ashley A

Enneagram 2w1



compassionate, spunky, organized, intuitive

jazzed, exuberant, quirky, happy

We are equally as passionate about intimate blink-and-they’re-gone moments on wedding days and photographing through moments that make you teary or the moments that make you laugh your ass off to timbuktu. We both feel so strongly that these moments are yours to revisit, not ours to recreate. We’re about being ready to photograph the shot the first time as real and honest as it was.

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Justin A

Enneagram 8w7

resident second photographer

creative witness