Styled Shoot at The Wichita Boathouse with Wild Oak Films

Today has been the brightest cloudy day to date. I started out awake as ever ready to FILL my day with things to do so let’s talk about that.

Picked up my sister for a bargain shopping date and got $75 dollars worth of candles for $26 BUCKS. Go to Bath & Body Works for that steal of a deal like pronto! We worked up a shopping appetite so we left and went to River City Brewery for lunch! Attempted to take a selfie there for the blog, but after the king-size fried buffalo burger and ranch drizzled fries (that were to die for) my water balloon face was saying, “no thanks! not today!” It was also 12:35 in the afternoon and I saw a party of 15 people in ugly sweaters taking tequila shots. What job do they have where they can do that??? I must find out.

After running much more boring errands after that, here I now am, at the studio waiting on a viewing appointment to arrive! When I first got here my next door neighbor yelled over, “IT’S CHRISTMAS!!” and brought me 6 boxes of goodies! Mail is the best feeling ever.

Last but not least I got amazing news from two very talented friends of mine! I ran into Nick Miller, owner of Nick Miller Films (now Wild Oak Films) today at the lens shop and he said Jennifer Miller (his wife and owner of Jennifer Miller Photography) would have my blog up today from a shoot I did recently with my husband, Zach.

Check me out on the other side below.

Check out Nick Miller, you won’t be sorry!

Would you look at that? Now you know an amazing wedding videographer too.

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