A Rustic Timbers Wedding Printed Album

March 27, 2018

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It’s not until we receive albums that I realize how much particular weddings NEED to be shared and haven’t been shared with all of you on our blog!! Kayla and Andy’s wedding at Rustic Timbers is one of those.

This 50 page 10×10 Linen album is easily one of our favorites. The sage green color that they chose to coordinate with the reds and greens from their wedding day is the perfect combination.

Many times when meeting with couples for the first time, they wonder why they should order an album from us? There are SO many reasons but the biggest one is because if you do, you know that you’ll get your album and will hardly have to lift a finger. I hear it over and over again… these stories of couples that were married years ago and have/had every intention of ordering their wedding album themselves and simply never get around to it.

We get it! It’s overwhelming. We take that aspect off of your hands and simply allow you the freedom to revise as you please, but give you a starting point to make it as simple as possible when making final decisions.Or if you’re like Kayla and Andy, you order it as is… hassle free! How easy is that?!In their hands is now their wedding album, that they’ll share with their family for decades to come. Forever it will have a place in their home whether it’s on the coffee table, or in a hope chest. It’s always there to pull out and to bring joy to those that love you.

To see the whole album in its’ entirety: view the video below.

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