DW Home Candles

Let’s jump right in!

We all like to dreeaaam of a casa that’s endlessly spotless… but let’s be real… there’s no chance that’s ever happening. (But we’ll pretend.) One trick to a seemingly cleaner home is a candle! It’s really that simple. There’s something spectacular about a fragrant new flame burning in your home.

You’ve just vacuumed and made your bed. All there is left to do now is light that sucker and let the aroma sweep you off your feet! (No cleaning pun intended.)

It’s relaxing, it’s calming and it’s therapy for your nostrils.

My go to candle isn’t just any wick or wax. I’m all about that Signature Collection DW Home Candle. I find all of mine at a beloved TJ Maxx or Marshall’s and you just can’t beat $2.99-$6.99 per jar. If you don’t have either store near by, you can also find them online for $12 buckaroo’s. Got your back girl, thanks to my link above!

The branding is always cute and simple. There isn’t a bunch of fruits or frosted tree leaves on the label, so I can burn a pumpkin spice scented candle in the midst of spring and nobody would ever even know. I love it when things can be seasonally interchangeable!

Last “yay” note about the DW brand is that they are sold at heaven on earth. While finding that perfect candle I can also mosey over to the cute af gym pants section that I’m equally as obsessed with. In case you were wondering, 90 Degrees is the brand of pants I’m head over sneakers for – Don’t even get me started! I might save that for next time. (:


Leaving you with my favorite scents for each room:

Bathroom – White Rose

Bedroom – Green Tea Leaves

Man Cave – Warm Tobacco Pipe

Kitchen – Wild Honey Nectar

Kay & Bee Lounge – Sea Glass


Your mind, body and soul will thank me. (: See you back on Tuesday!



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