An Elegant Navy & Blush Wedding at Noah’s Event Venue | Brittany & Jason | Kay & Bee

Brittany and Jason really have that spark. You’d think they were newlyweds probably forever!

So say you stumbled upon our blog looking for ideas for YOUR day. You dream that the guests will  be “ooh-ing” and “awhing” over your color palette? look no further! Boy, did Brittany know what she was doing when she pulled together one of the most elegantly stunning weddings of our time! She had all the help she could ever ask for from Krista of Addison Grace events as they worked together to combine tasteful peaks of metallics and a beautiful blend of watercolor to her reception.. as well as glitter — because in Brittany’s eyes, “glitter is a color!” If you’re wanting inspiration for your upcoming Navy and Blush wedding.. you my darling friend, are in the right place!

From Jimmy Choo’s to a beyond talented invitation suite stylist at Creative, we had unforgettable details to showcase the brides “getting ready” portion of her day. Stem’s flowers did a spectacular job.. as they’ve always had an uncanny ability to hit the ball out of the park with blush tones and peonies.

Every moment with Jason & Brittany feels just perfect. Even imagining them together you can hear their constant laughter and all their inside jokes! It truly brings joy to our hearts knowing that we have captured the truest of true love.

Without further ado, we introduce to you the breath-takingly beautiful Burkett wedding.