Rebeka & Nathaniel | A Rainy Day Engagement

Meet Rebeka & Nathaniel

If you read my teaser blog on this engagement session last month, then you already know who Rebeka is. Fortunately for you, you get to learn more about her today! 😉

Back in the late nineties, Rebeka’s favorite color was blue. Mine was blue. Rebeka’s favorite sport was soccer. I started wearing soccer jerseys. Rebeka wore long shorts. In turn, mom and I went to the boys section in wal-mart and guess what we bought me? Little boy’s shorts. Why? Because my best friend was a tomboy and as much as I wanted to wear dresses and skirts and deck myself out in pink, I wanted to be just as cool as my very best friend.

Rebeka was the trend-setter. She did life her way and was completely true to herself. This has always been a trait of hers that I’ve admired. She never pretended to be anyone that she wasn’t and that’s not something I can say about the both of us! (Me… like Soccer? Please!) You can’t help but love her the second you meet her. Her love for life is contagious and her spirit is captivating.

When Rebeka told me about Nathaniel, I was elated. “MOM!” I called. “REBEKA met someone!”

Rebeka met Nathaniel and her world was turned upside down. Nathaniel was unlike any other man that she’d ever been interested in.  As far back as her fourth grade boyfriend… I promise you. Nathaniel was different, and as one of her best friends, I wasn’t going to love him easily. I met him. He was alright – but she’s my best friend. Is he good enough for one of my closest friends? Will he fuel her to be herself, even with her endless collection of watches?


Yes, he is. He’s more than perfect for her. The way he looks at her. The way he selflessly gets drenched in the rain so she stays dry – this is hardly a joke – and wasn’t just for the photos. When it comes to Rebeka, Nathaniel is absolutely selfless and he loves her for every part of her being.

I really could continue and go on and on but I’m going to stop here.

Nathaniel; you’re a lucky man. Rebeka, my official stamp of approval is right here for the world to see.