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Getting Ready Robe Ideas

Here’s a quick backstory that you wanna be sure not to skip over before getting to this week’s Friday Favorite! Let’s get started!

You can’t spell the word “trend” without “end” and if we face the facts.. we all want to be trendy people! (Especially on wedding day) We’re totally aware that we run the risk of looking back and saying “oh my gosh what was I thinking?!” or “Pinterest, I thought you had my back!” but when the day’s over and the trend is hot… regardless, we’re gonna get after it!

After witnessing over 100 weddings, we have a little bit of insight to share with you if you want to be REALLY out of the box:

HARSH BUT TRUE FACT: Don’t look on Pinterest for all of your inspiration.
Sure, great stuff! We make just about every mood-board known to man using just Pinterest pins. Instead, try checking out magazines from your grocery store or find new blogs that share the same look you’re going for. EVERY bride is looking at Pinterest. Not only that, but they are now outdated photos being recycled through over and over and ov… okay, I’m done!

Try seeking inspiration from places that are not wedding related. Clothing stores, home décor magazines, Instagram hashtags, etc. Don’t be afraid to put a spin on old traditions!

Here’s where I talk about my Friday Favorite! My favorite part of a wedding is the beginning. The point where we arrive and the morning is sweet. The calm before the storm. I’m obsessing over robes this week.. but not just the robes you’ve seen around or thought about purchasing for your girls..

Take a look at THESE robes (that may or may not be actually robes!) Spring is the perfect time of year to think twice about your details. Do you really need robes to be actual robes? Have you ever thought about maybe dresses? here’s a classy way to add a fashionable twist on the latest robe trend!

Photo By Chris J Evans

Here’s some links to to other dresses we love for an alternative to the normal wedding morning robes!

Hotel California Maxi

Lone Traveller Maxi

x Drumming Song Dress

Tell me, what are some cute unique robe ideas that you’ve found your day!? Think about it and let us know in the comments below!








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