we help entrepreneurs
get organized, get booked and see their value.

7 years and over 400 clients later,
we're building resources for your business


when we began, there was no education to be found for photographers and it was frustrating.

We've always had the drive to share. as an enneagram 1 + enneagram 2, to the core we know that what we create is not only the right thing to do, but helpful af. 

we wanted to create resources + services that we wish we had when we started.

and that's where
coaching comes in.

hiring a business coach was the most pivotal decisions we ever made, and being coaches ourselves was always a dream... but 'mentoring' is the buzzword. we want to give more than that.


implementation is key.

we will help you navigate your goals, find a path to your ideal future, analyze and perfect your systems, and book your leads.

with weekly calls, you'll have the accountability you've been looking for to help your business reach its' highest potential.

we'll help you implement new ideas and processes to generate the income you've been dreaming of.

Let's do it!

let's transform your future, TOGETHER

2:1 Coaching

for photographers ready for accountability, Growth, + Support

+ 2-4 Monthly Coaching Calls
+ Unlimited Voxer Access + Support
+ Access to all K+B courses + templates
+ Trello Progress + Content board

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