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+ Packages begin at $3500
+ Average booked package is $4000

Once you submit your contact information to us, we'll let you know if we're available for your date and send you our package recommendations with pricing within 48 hours

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The first step is to give us a shout! If one of us is available, we’ll email you with our current investment options and if you’re ready to book right away, we'll do the damn thing! If you’d like a phone call to be sure we get along, we'd love to chat too!

After you select your best-fit package and add-ons, we’ll send over the important things (like a contract + invoice) so we can get to the fun part: planning all the things. Once we receive your retainer and contract back, you'll officially be on our calendar!

Now you can relax because you found a photographer! We’ll send over a link to our wedding guide (a HUGE online guide that fully outlines your wedding day timeline and gives a TON of helpful advice for you,) AKA: your trusty handbook! 

the process

the process

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These are all incredibly understandable concerns and all life-stuff. Like you, we are human and human things happen to us, too. Though we've yet to have to miss a wedding, at some point, we have to stomach that it's a natural possibility.

We have an incredible community of photographers. In fact, Ashley B. leads a community of photographers each month who we've grown to trust who are all willing to step up in the case of an emergency. If an unexpected emergency comes up, we will still edit your photos, still care for you before and after, and offer you the upmost support in doing everything we can so you are confident that you'll be taken care of during your wedding. Ideally, we will use someone from our team if one is available.

PREGNANCY: To be honest, photographing weddings is why we haven't had children yet. Although we aren't planning our families at this time, babies can be surprises. In the event that your main photographer becomes pregnant, she will still shoot your wedding unless it's unsafe for her to do so. Most wedding photographers shoot well-into month 7 and sometimes 8 of their pregnancy. 

If her due date is too close for comfort, she'll reach out to share the news that her family is growing but she might not be able to photograph your wedding. At this point, she'll give you options that make the most sense. Some of which are: 
1.) She'll reach out to our team in addition to adding another additional photographer to your package at no cost.
2.) She'll find an equally skilled, similar-energied photographer that can photograph your wedding in her place, add another additional photographer to your package at no cost. and still care for you, support you, and edit your images, etc! 

-- 3.) She'll offer you a refund and you can search for a photographer of your liking on your own!

As a team, we'll do our best to make whatever comes up as stress-free for you as possible and every option we give you will be a confident one. You are our top priority!

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