brittany farris




With an adventurous soul and witty humor, you are sure to have a good time with Brittany. As an empath, you'll instantly feel comfortable and tie that with being a photographer, you'll instantly feel at ease. She easily adapts to any situation thrown at her and handles things with ease. Culture, travel, nature, and eclectic charm inspire her. She is fascinated with the dynamics and history of everyones love story and strives to showcase that and the raw moments in her work.

As a videographer by trade, I often got mistaken for a photographer. Finally, after the millionth person asked me to take their pictures, I finally said YES! I started doing photos for my friends, family, and anyone else that thought I was a photographer. Little did I know I was uncovering a true passion of mine. Shortly after, I connected with the Ashleys and started working with them!

 I love nature, animals, and anything outdoors! I find serenity and peace when spending time in the woods hunting. I will say yes to any kind of outdoor adventure rather it be sky diving, rock climbing, whitewater rafting. YES to all the things!

Music speaks to my soul. I am one of those people that knows the words to every song but couldn't tell you any of the artists names or song titles. I have a guitar and plan to learn to play in the near future (yes, I've been saying that for years but this year I mean it!). 

Books are cool, I read a lot, I like to learn.

 Traveling the world is top on my bucket list. Seeing different cultures and meeting new people gives me all the good feels! 

My biggest goal in life is to make enough money so that I can easily give it all away. As a Enneagram 2, helping people speaks to my soul and I hope to start a nonprofit of my own someday.  

Wedding investment with Brittany begins at 2500 with options ranging from 2500-3500 depending on each couple's needs. Every couple is different, so every package that each couple selects should have that same level of flexibility. All of these packages include 6-10 hours of coverage and include add-ons of choice.

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