ashley knolla


enneagram 2  x  ENFP


Quirkiness, energy and one-word interjections are what you should come to expect from Ashley Knolla. Feeding off of moment after moment, she'll be on it like a bonnet to capture your essence, or what makes you uniquely you. Ashley K. is constantly looking to anticipate your next move and willingly follows close by to unveil the next treasure of a moment. 

I found my love for photography late into my high school years. I found my love for LOVE 3 years after starting Kay + Bee. I then finally found my love for each and every couple and their unique and significant stories more recently than you'd think (I'll admit.) However, it's quickly became my life-line. I'm beyond eager to tell your story in a way that seems so real you can relive, hear, smell, and even feel your day all over again.

When I'm not working I would love to be nestled in my reading room with an old classic novel (I've got major guilt for never paying any attention in school) or playing classical music on the piano for my dogs, who seem to really enjoy it. If I'm not cooped up at home I'm usually at the library or thrifting, which you'll soon notice by my wardrobe choices. 😂

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