ashley knolla


enneagram 3  x  ENFP


Quirkiness, energy and one-word interjections like 'YAS" are what you should come to expect from Ashley Knolla. Feeding off of moments and inspired by mixing the modern New Yorker and the chill Californian blends the coolest of cool to your wedding gallery. Ashley K. is constantly looking to anticipate your next move and to make something spectacular out of nothing at all.

I found my love for photography in college. I went to a small community college and took my Canon 50D with me everywhere. To soccer games, the cafeteria, the gamer room, tennis courts and the diners. I wasn't interested in the people playing the sport or the food the people were eating. I was consumed by the reactions of the cheering fans or the loo of pure joy when it was ice cream day at lunch. People of joy was and still is my main passion. Every wedding reminds me of that. Although I'm watching for your laughter, I also cry like a baby at weddings. Those happy moments are the reason for my laughter and the reason for my tears.

If you 'catch me outside', I'm probably watching funny Instagram videos and wishing vine was still a thing. When I'm trying to cut down on screen time (I'm big into this right now) I'm playing pool, the piano, or begging my husband to take the dogs on a walk.

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a cold coors, a great game of pool while tidying up the house