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A little spunk, a lot of heart, and fast friendships is what you can expect from Ashley B. as your photographer. She's inspired by architectural design and the beauty in moments to flawlessly bring the world of art into the world of love. This creates the opportunity to have the love of both art and timeless portraits to the world. Ashley's heart is full when she's able to bring a sense of peace and security to your wedding day so she can handle your wedding while you make all of the memories.

As a natural 'good-at-almost-anything' chick, I went from studying to be a teacher to help the little humans to, three majors later, perfecting my craft in design school. In the midst of all of that, I happened upon photography. No, I'm not one of those 'I always knew I wanted to be a photographer' girls, and I actually love that. I took my love for helping people to another level by helping to create memorable wedding images while simultaneously communicating with all Kay + Bee couples to keep everyone organized and taken care of. That should be my love language. (It's Acts of Service if you were wondering.)

I have a serious love affair with design so when photographing couples, that eye for design comes into play which is why I'm SO drawn to images in the city. My love for symmetry and honesty in love is what keeps me passionate about what I do.

When I'm not shooting or running the behind the scenes of Kay + Bee, slaying the inbox, I'm probably cutting up sweet potatoes in my kitchen while doing my take of interpretive dancing to the latest Bieber release, trying to re-organize my life for the dozenth time, attempting to be a minimalist one donation trip at a time, or taking an extra long road trip to Kansas City just so I can listen to the newest Rachel Hollis book (#selfhelpbookjunkie.)

If you geek out over personality tests and watch all the Netflix in your free time... I think we'll get along great.

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