Sara + Bryce | Married at The Exploration Place in Wichita, KS

WOW. Sara and Bryce’s Wichita wedding was an absolute blast. We haven’t been to The Exploration Place for a wedding since they expanded their ceremony area, but we always adored photographing weddings there and BOY, did it not disappoint. With the help of Addison Grace Events, it was beyond beautiful.

ONE MORE THING that I want to add before you get to the photographs, guess where they met?! A party bus! GUESS WHAT THE RENTED FOR TRANSPORTATION THE DAY OF THE WEDDING?! …. You’re almost right. THE party bus that they first met on so if you’re reading this and haven’t met your ‘one and only’ yet, maybe give Spot’s a call. 😉

Okay, we’re done rambling. On to all the wedding inspiration and the most GORGEOUS wedding gown, ever.

This wedding was photographed by Ashley Burbank and Ashley Knolla.



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