A Wintery Backyard Wedding in April | Garden Plain, KS Wedding Photographer

As opposites often attract, Jordyn & Alex are no exception. High school friends to start, they rekindled their friendship come college while attending Kansas State University. You can only imagine the shock that all of their best friends felt as everyone began to realize that Jordyn and Alex were a thing. They were romantically involved but remained the strongest of friends while dating. They withstand everything together and do so strongly.

This remains true when it came to wedding planning. This wedding absolutely felt like it was against these two. Jordyn and Alex had the worst of it. From their venue not working out to relocating the 420 guest wedding to the only place that could hold them: Jordyn’s parent’s land out in good ole’ Garden Plain, Kansas. Their April wedding was also one of the coldest on records with record-wind gusts of 50mph and temperatures in the low thirties. Feels like 22 degrees we kept repeating to ourselves.

It’s fine. We have cold weather gear. We can do a backyard wedding in the cold. “Dress warm” we reminded them to tell their family members.

Much to our surprise, we’ve NEVER had more fun. (I say that after every wedding!) Seriously though. We’ve never had more fun… the wedding party I guarantee has never laughed this much being a bridesmaid or groomsmen… I don’t even think Jordyn and Alex have ever smiled this much. The only reason we left this wedding was for sleep… otherwise we would have stayed forever. Ashley and I’s favorite Zumba song even came on and friends, that LITERALLY doesn’t happen in public. 

Trust me when I say that you’ll enjoy every single second looking through the highlights from their wedding day, from being immersed in the wind, to the denim jacket, all the way to digging up some year-old whiskey they buried, it was unique and it was all them.

Jordyn and Alex, thank you so much for having us capture your wedding day. We couldn’t have dreamed of being anywhere else! Cheers to you two. As your wedding day was filled with laughter, tears, memories, and whiskey; may your future be filled with all of the previous mentioned… until forever.



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