Lemon Water… A girl’s best friend! x Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Everyone!

As the rain is pouring this morning, it’s calling for a lazy Friday, which considering it’s the last day of the week – also the last day of our “weekend” with back to work tomorrow for a weekend – for once I’m welcoming the rain. Is it only me or do rainy days call for naps, movies and hardly leaving the house? It can’t be just me. 🙂

I woke up this morning and like any other morning, I had my usual breakfast (which I’m sure will make it on here one of these days) and a fresh drink of lemon water. I’ve been starting every morning like this for a couple of weeks and thought it was definitely worth sharing that Lemon Water is my new go-to each morning.

YES. Lemon water is my weekly favorite. YES, I’m serious!!

I remember I used to wince at the lemon that my waiter or waitress would add to my water and immediately remove it as fast as I could. Now, I can’t believe I ever thought it was so bad. Not only do I notice that I feel better all day, but I love the routine of it each morning

There are SO many health benefits to drinking a lemon water every day (which is honestly why I started!) It boosts your immune system, cleanses your body, aids in digestion and clear skin, as well as reduces inflammation. The next time you’re feeling down in the dumps, give it a try. You might add it to your morning routine, too!

Cheers (with a lemon water in hand!) to your weekend. See you next week FOR OUR BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT EVER!



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