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We’ve kept a BIG secret! 2017 Rebrand


I digress. Let’s get into why.

When getting into business with someone else, no one ever told us that we’d have multiple identity crisis’ in the first few years and short of that, no one ever  told us how to get through them. After attending our favorite conference ever for the second time, United (#freehugs,) we realized what we took from the conference was entirely different than the year before. We’d realized that we needed a change. As our business grew, so had we and our brand wasn’t quite up to par just yet. We came to the conclusion, then and there, that we needed someone to intervene and help us dig through our very different personalities and find what makes us… well, us.

After a couple of months of research and searching, I came across White & Salt’s instagram and her feed and presence spoke to me. I felt like the girl behind White & Salt was our spirit animal. Immediately, I hit the contact button on Jenna’s website and strung together hundreds of words on why she’s the most perfect designer of all time and why we HAD to work with her.

Thankfully after receiving my ramblings, she felt the same way. It was a match made in perfection.

She was able to see commonalities within Ashley + I that we’ve never before seen. She was able to give us the words that we were thinking, we just couldn’t piece them together and help us mold together the idea that we could see that really fits our clients. It was that idea that will make our clients feel like we’re already friends before they even send us a message.

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After months of collaboration, branding ideas, and her incredible patience, we’re so happy to present to you our new face-lift in the form of a website and rebrand. It’s irrevocably us and we’ve never felt more comfortable in a place on the internet. With our new logo, our wild minds, our adventurous hearts, and our rad as all get out clients, we cannot wait for what the years will bring us.

Rebrand - White and Salt

Photo: Courtesy of Jenna with White & Salt

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You’ve GOT to head over to Jenna’s blog and read her perspective and where all of the little design aspects came from. She’s the queen of our rebrand! You’ll also get a first look at what’s to come for the future #kxbbrides!

OH! One more thing! We’re giving THREE prizes away to celebrate! One for couples, one for photographers, and one for just anyone that wants to cheers with us on this stellar day! To enter the freaking awesome giveaway, enter below!

Destination Adventure Photographers Business Partners

and of course, we couldn’t be more grateful to Jenna. Without her, we wouldn’t be celebrating today and we sure as heck wouldn’t have a website or brand this amazing! Go visit her on instagram and give her some love!

We’ll be back tomorrow. For now, we’re grabbing a couple gin + tonics and celebrating!

cheers, xx

Rebrand and Website Launch Giveaways!


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  1. Katie Miller says:

    I absolutely love the revamp, girls! It looks outstandingly classy, unique, and modern.