A Gorgeous Organic Wichita Country Club Wedding | Wichita Wedding Photographer

The night before this particular wedding, we knew we needed our “creative rest.” We set our alarms for sunrise and shut our eyes… only to be open again before the sun would say hello. Ashley and I met at the venue half passed 7:00 and we first set out for an energizing cup of Joe. If you know anything about us Ashley’s you know that we only have one thing in common other than our name. We are not morning people until we have our coffee! (Or Bee’s preference, V8 + Energy juice) Once that’s found, we are as chipper as song-birds no matter what hour of day!

While our brains were beginning to work their magic and switch to “on”, we looked high and low through the quiet, immaculate country club as the sun was quickly rising over the golf course. All the while, Shelby was peaceful through her prep time, sipping mimosa’s and taking it so easy with her go-to girls. As we entered Shelby’s getting ready room for the first time we instantly felt a vibe that made us both feel at ease. We then knew that morning weddings are beyond different Good different? OH YES.

There are 326 reasons why we fell head-over-heels for our first Sunday morning wedding (and the word “brunch” most certainly had us SOLD.) Morning weddings have no similar feel to a ceremony starting after noon. You are served waffles and buttermilk biscuits as opposed to parmesan crusted chicken and asparagus. There’s no babies and kiddos taking over the dance floor, instead a mature social gathering to catch up with lost friends and family you’ve missed for years. It’s so early in the day that you can truly focus on “the beauty of marriage and family” as Shelby pieced together for us. The start of each day, especially on a day of the week such as Sunday, feels so light, airy and as our bride mentioned, “full of love!” This is exactly what Shelby had wished for.. and if you were to ask us, the Carney’s wedding day was that and much more.

The sense of smell is simply the best way to savor the moment. There was a piece of advice that stuck with us like glue. Thanks to Shelby & Alex we will always be able to pass it on to our future brides too. Our couple had perfume and cologne just for their day and that purchase unmistakably became the most memorable for them.

There’s nothing more exciting than a wedding day so calm and collected. Maybe that makes sense only in our little heads.. but to us, we were and still are so in love!

Let us take you back to their peaceful morning wedding on the green.

Cheers to Mr. & Mrs. Carney!