I have to be honest… An Emporia Glitz + Glam Wedding | Kansas Wedding Photography

I have to be honest. The favorite part of a wedding day for me (Bee) is our first hour to hour and a half of being on site for wedding day, whether that be at the venue, the hotel, what have you. I absolutely love this first hour.

There is excitement. There are dreams. Reality hasn’t quite hit yet and everyone is so beyond excited for the day to unfold. There’s typically no stress, the bride is in relax mode and her girlfriends’ are making sure everything is going just right.

Around the same time, groom is normally still in his comfortable get-up hanging out with his bro-mates and reminiscing on old times listening to some classic tunes.

And us… we get to photograph all of the most sought after, hand-picked details that were carefully chosen by our couple to accurately represent them and the day that will be the beginning of their forever. I. Love. This. Part!

Our Saturday started off just like that. We walked into a calm group of ladies, perfecting their hair and touching up their makeup, ready to take the day on. While we found a place for the dress; our bride, Jenn was getting her final makeup touches. She was breathtaking.

After we captured the perfect dress photo, we moved on to the other important factors that tie the day in together. The jewelry, rings, and shoes… and boy were they something! You can just see how perfectly it all fits together, just like our bride and groom.

My favorite parts of the day were captured to be cherished forever by our bride and groom. I exhale and before we know it, my favorite part shifts.

Lance loves quietly. He loves swiftly and with grace. It can be seen by anyone that watches the two together. He’s a man of few words and a man of many laughs.

We ask Lance if he’d like to help us with setting our light for his first look while we wait for the girls to show up and just like the man he is, he nods in agreement to help us in any way he can. (Without knowing, he’s helping his wife to be surprise him for his first look.)

Just like that, my favorite part of a wedding day shifts.

The delight and happiness in Lance’s smile says it all. Completely overwhelmed with emotions of happiness, excitement, built-up nervous butterflies, Jen lets out a tear or two… followed by a few more.

He whispers in her ear, reassures her of his undying love and reminds her of her beauty. Without knowing exactly what what was said, you see the love of his life relax and happiness erupt between them both.

Congratulations Jenn & Lance! We can’t wait to share the rest of your story with you and were so happy to share with you a peep of our favorite moment!