A New Website You Say?!



     If you’ve stopped by recently or you’re a frequent Kay & Bee’r, It’s a possibility you’re now aware of our little secret. We are ever-changing! It’s like speeding on a sheet of solid ice.. “WE CAN’T STOPPP.” We like change. we like it MUCHO. 

     Basically, we want to keep you in the know with everything that goes on AND make it fun to do so! The rabbit hole of our website is super exciting..

well, actually – it’s about to be! 

    As our website goes through this little face-lift, we are right here to help you find your way around! We are always just a phone call, email, or text away and we totally take care of our readers like friends (If you’ve done your snooping, you know US like we know us!)

    We can’t wait for you to be on board with what we’re about to showoff!  P.S. we aren’t looking to keep you in the dark — even when our website is under construction we’re still prepping, piecing together, and joyously writing our blog posts (and trust me, it’s driving us crazy not to be able to show you what’s brewing up over here!) Only a couple of days away from the big reveal!

Keep in touch! 

kayandbeestudios@gmail.com (it’s a safe email while domains switch!)
or the old fashioned way, give us a ring! 316-609-9678