5 Tips to Choose Where to Get Ready on Wedding Day

We are jam packed this week with appointments and obligations but that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to give you guys the content that we normally do on Mondays!

Episode 3 of #HELPIMENGAGED will just be up a little later in the week this week BUT for your daily fill of goodness, we’re here with something unplanned and that’s okay. More content=happier brides! 

We’ve been to more wedding venues that I can count but it’s probably right around 50 or 60. That’s A LOT of options. Even the big-city feel our small-city of Wichita has, there’s quite a few options but that doesn’t mean that YOU have 50 or 60 options. For your wedding vision, probably 4 or 5 make sense for you.

Once you find that perfect space, you find out there’s a bridal suite included in your wedding day package! Awesome right?

Well, not always.

Your getting ready area really sets the tone for the rest of the wedding day. It’s where you spend your entire morning, and having a filthy and cluttered room with no light pouring in feels similar to what a week with no sun. That’s because on wedding day, you want it to be perfect and to kick off just right!

Here are 5 things to look for when you’re deciding where to get ready on your very special day.

1. What are your options?
    *Wedding Venue’s Bridal Suite
    *Bed & Breakfast
    *A Home

Any of the above have worked fabulously in some cases, and in others, not so much. While your venue may include a bridal suite in your wedding day package, it’s not always your best route. A lot of the bridal suites have been cluttered, small and really dark. Actually looking back, most of the bridal suites that we’ve been in over the last few years are probably not your best option.

2. Let’s talk about windows! Windows truly will make wherever you get ready so inviting, comforting, and bright. Choose a space that has natural light flooding into the room. The bigger the windows, the better. Floor to ceiling windows? Don’t even think twice. Do it!

Although your mom’s basement may sound like a good idea and a way to cut cash, basements typically lack in natural light and sometimes can be the junk drawer of a home. Yes, I’m talking about that corner in your basement. 😉 If it’s unsightly, keep looking!

3. I feel like at this point I should start singing Lil’ Jon’s Get Low because now we’re going to talk about walls. Going for a neutral getting ready space almost never will fail you. Pay attention to the wall color and the art on the walls – if Mona Lisa is staring you down or the art makes you feel like you’ve been transported to the medieval times, it’s a bad idea. 😉

Clean and light walls will almost always go perfect with your palette and will act as reflectors to make  you look even more stunning than you already will! 

4. Is the room small or is it extremely spacious? Especially when you’re considering where to get ready. You’re walking into this room in the morning where all of your most cherished girlfriends, sisters, moms — they’re all there. Don’t get ready in a space that reminds you of your college dorm room with QuikTrip cups all around and your best friend’s duffel bags in every corner imaginable. 

A bigger space will help you feel less like you’re one of many in a can of sardines and help keep you from feeling disorganized! There already will be so many things on your mind, where you placed your makeup bag for touch-ups should be the  last of  your worries!

5. Last, and possibly the most important to create a cohesive wedding day and wedding feel is focusing on the theme of your wedding and the theme of your getting ready space. If you’re wedding is very light and organic, getting ready in a room full of dark wood probably doesn’t fit your wedding vision like you’d hope that it would. 

If your color palette has hints of gold, you may find a bed and breakfast that’s very simple, de-cluttered where the furniture has touches of gold which would match perfectly with your wedding day vision! It’s like your dress… when you know, you know!

We hope this posts helps while you’re on your search for the perfect location to get ready and we’ll see you later this week for Episode #3 of #HELPIMENGAGED!

With love,