5 Tips to Choosing the RIGHT Wedding Photographer

As we’re approaching the final major engagement holiday of engagement season, we thought starting our 10 week wedding video series today!

Although staring at the gorgeous ring on your hand will never get old through this journey you’re embarking on, choosing wedding vendors may. It’s a stressful task figuring out who you can hire and team up with to bring your wedding vision to life! 

In the video below, we get real with you. From tape on reception hall ceilings to red carpet ceremonies, we unveil it all! Hopefully it opens your eyes a little when you’re searching for your wedding vendors, not only your wedding photographer! However, we will focus MAINLY on the 5 things to think about when you’re in search of a wedding photographer.

Next week, we’ll dive into advice from REAL bride’s. <3 If you’re here because you’re looking for a wedding photographer, I promise you’ll get a feel for how we are in all of our videos. To meet with us, click here.

If you know someone that would love to dish on their wedding day, send them here to fill out this little diddy! It should only take about 3 minutes and we’ll love you forever!

Although these are OUR five top tips, let us know if there’s anything you’d advise a bride when choosing their wedding photographer. We’d love to hear from you!

Kay & Bee