Emily & Michael | Upper-East Side Bradley Fair Engagement

Meet Emily & Michael

Emily and Michael’s story began back in 2007.

High School Sweethearts doesn’t even encompass the meaning behind their strong and steady journey together and even if I tried to explain how deep their love goes, I don’t think words could do it justice. 

They met on their High School’s Varisty Cheerleading Squad and the two were often paired to stunt together. Michael’s strength and Emily’s trust made the two a great asset to the team. What they didn’t know then was that the strength and trust that they had with eachother was the start of a great foundation to a love that lasts forever.

Nearly eight years later, Emily & Michael are getting married.

They compliment one another in ways I’ve never seen before. They challenge the other to always do better by the world and the people around them. They’re two people that I believe every person needs to meet, even just in passing, to understand what I can’t explain about their relationship. It’s amazing. It’s phenomenal. It’s one-of-a-kind and we’re SO lucky to be even the smallest part of their wedding day and wedding memories.

There are no two people that are quite as deserving of happiness as these two. They radiate nothing but positivity and I’m absolutely certain they will take the world by storm, hand-in-hand. 

Their relationship is absolutely so unique that I keep typing and erasing and typing and erasing because NOTHING I say can explain it. I’ll just leave you to the pictures and let them do the talking. <3




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