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Let me entertain you with my favorite source of entertainment. If you’re ever on the East side check out the Fox & Hound @ 13th & Webb. You’re mostly likely going to see me there, my cool cousin Christopher and the baddest B. around, Whitney. The Fox is a soothing place, unless you’re there on a Tuesday when the frat boys all come out to play. MEH. I need elbow room to play pool and wasn’t havin’ ANY of it. On a lighter note, it’s 99% of the time a blasty blast and a great gathering place to meet friendly humans. 

P.S. The picture on the bottom right is clearly not taken at the Fox. It’s from Side Pockets, my favorite West side hang out. TOTALLY different atmosphere and the change up is extraordinary sometimes. I play league here every Monday so come see me! That specific photo is featuring my brand spankin’ new pool Viking cue I got for Christmas. YEAH, GIRLFRAN. 

This was the second roll of quarters we went through. Play every day. ALL NIGHT LONG. <3 #SidePockets

Even though I’ve been all over every pool table in the city and met some really sweet people along the way, I still stick close by my familia. Here are my siblings. My brother got me through every boss in every game ever played, my sister on the left has made me laugh until I cried on a weekly basis since I was 17. (We started to actually get along at that point) & My sister on the right has got me through every struggle in life (and every shopping spree in life.)



Ain’t she cute?!

Here’s something I want to leave ya’ll bloggers with today : 


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XOXO <3  Kay