Apr 20, 2018

As opposites often attract, Jordyn & Alex are no exception. High school friends to start, they rekindled their friendship come college while attending Kansas State University. You can only imagine the shock that all of their best friends felt as everyone began to realize that Jordyn and Alex were a thing. They were romantically involved […]

Mar 27, 2018

It’s not until we receive albums that I realize how much particular weddings NEED to be shared and haven’t been shared with all of you on our blog!! Kayla and Andy’s wedding at Rustic Timbers is one of those. This 50 page 10×10 Linen album is easily one of our favorites. The sage green color […]

Mar 26, 2018

So being that it’s been a dreary day all day today, I figured it was one of those days to share another misty wedding! This Fall, as you’ve probably noticed, had a trend of days like this so here’s more inspiration as we enter another wet Spring! This destination wedding took place in our hometown, […]

Feb 27, 2018

WELL HELLO SUNSHINE! Until yesterday, you hadn’t made much of an appearance lately. It’s been such a dreary month outside for the Midwest, and this Fall we became particularly fond of the gray skies. Every weekend’s wedding it felt like had a thick mist, constant wet fog, or rain. This particular week in October, it […]

Feb 23, 2018

Hope you guys are ready because we’re about to take y’all on a blast from the not so distant past. This same time last year we were pulling up to this vibrant wedding in little known Pretty Prairie Kansas. To our surprise, we have yet to stumble upon another wedding quite like it with the […]

Dec 5, 2017

As the busiest season of our lives comes to a close, we’re able to finally take a moment and appreciate all of the beauty that we’ve been able to capture through the last three… maybe even four months and I’m (we’re) astonished! It’s almost like we’ve been running in auto-pilot for 15 weeks. I’ve never […]

Apr 26, 2017

When I receive an inquiry from a mother, I know they mean business. When I receive an inquiry from a mother that asks us for vendor recommendations and trusts in us, I know that we’re a solid match. I think sometimes we, as photographers, forget how trusted we are and how good it feels when you can […]

Jan 12, 2017

Have you ever been around one of those couples that has eyes that can’t… won’t wander from the other? One who’s love is beyond a doubt? Hannah + Tyler are one of those couples. On their wedding day, Hannah’s inner-self was glowing. She radiated happiness and her smile not once faded. Tyler, well-composed and gentlemanly, couldn’t take […]

Sep 22, 2016

Well, here we are. September 22nd. 90 degrees. 47% humidity. What the heck kind of start of Fall is that?! As we still FEEL like we’re in Summer, we wanted to share our SUMMER ROUND-UP! The Unforgettable Summer of Sixty-Six Sessions! | 2016 Aren’t our clients AMAZING!? They might just get better too because we are […]

Feb 27, 2016

Normally, I give you guys the story from her point of view or our point of view. Today, we give you Jackie & Ryan’s love story from Ryan’s eyes and a peek at their gorgeous September Wedding! Enjoy <3

The first time I met Jackie I liked her instantly. And loved her very shortly after! We met through some mutual friends in high school, she ended up getting my number and we started texting like crazy. After just a few days of texting I really wanted to hang out with her. I thought she was very pretty and was really fun to talk to. I picked her up from work one day and took her home. We sat at the end of her drive way and talked and talked and talked. I believe we even talked on the phone some more that night! After Hanging out a couple more times I worked up the courage to kiss her! I was very nervous but she did kiss me back and that moment was when I knew that I was going to be with her for the rest of my life! To this day I still get the good ole butterflys when she gives me a kiss!!! There was just something about her. At the age of 16 I couldn’t explain how I felt and I still can’t put it into words. I guess the best way to explain it is love! If you have truly been in love you will know what I mean! Jackie is truly my other half!! My main goal in life is to retire as early as possible so that we can just relax and grow old together! I Love Jackie with all of my heart! She means the world to me and I would do anything for her! She has always been there to tell me the truth, tell me straight, and comfort me through any situation! We have been through some very rough times together and made it through only making us closer! If I am feeling down she is always there to cheer me up! I trust her with my life and we make an amazing team!