Sep 8, 2017

To start off our blogging again, the perfect couple for the job is Erica + Steve! Their July wedding (will blog soon!) was to-die-for and their engagement session was equally as unique! Planning for this was as exciting as it was exhausting. We had three different plans, and three reschedules with a STRONG chance that […]

Jan 12, 2017

Have you ever been around one of those couples that has eyes that can’t… won’t wander from the other? One who’s love is beyond a doubt? Hannah + Tyler are one of those couples. On their wedding day, Hannah’s inner-self was glowing. She radiated happiness and her smile not once faded. Tyler, well-composed and gentlemanly, couldn’t take […]

Oct 26, 2016

Meghan + Tanner were quite possibly the most laid-back, “let’s do it” kind of couple that we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Scattered thunderstorms, eh? Let’s chance it they say. The entire morning was filled with laughter and stories being cooped up in a basement away from the weather outside with parents upstairs […]

Oct 11, 2016

When I rewind a few days… I can’t believe it. On Saturday October 8, 2016, I had the honor of capturing a surprise proposal at Union Station Kansas City. Back in July, while sitting in my apartment, I overheard a conversation my boyfriend was having with his brother, Jeff. Jeff was telling Justin all about his weekend […]

Oct 2, 2016

I have been so excited since last night to share this story, so why wait? When we met Anthony + Melanie for coffee at Watermark Books, we instantly knew they were our dream bride and groom. Their focus, instead of being on them, was about the relationships that they have with those around them. They […]

Aug 10, 2016

No better words could describe Michael & Aubree’s day than gracefully classic. The mood of this summer afternoon was as calm as beach waves lapping against the shore.. and yet still so lively! There was so much joy and cheerfulness.. and yet still so peaceful. Even though these two share love so hushed, you’re able to hear and feel it as if it was shouted from the rooftops! This translated so effortlessly into their love story we are so excited to share with you.

Aug 5, 2016

There are 326 reasons why we fell head-over-heels for our first Sunday morning wedding (and the word “brunch” most certainly had us SOLD.) Morning weddings have no similar feel to a ceremony starting after noon. You are served waffles and buttermilk biscuits as opposed to parmesan crusted chicken and asparagus. It’s so early in the day that you can truly focus on “the beauty of marriage and family” as Shelby pieced together for us. The start of each day, especially on a day of the week such as Sunday, feels so light, airy and as our bride mentioned, “full of love!” This is exactly what Shelby had wished for.. and if you were to ask us, the Carney’s wedding day was that and much more. 

Jul 30, 2016

So say you stumbled upon our blog looking for ideas for YOUR day. You dream that the guests will  be “ooh-ing” and “awhing” over your color palette? look no further! Boy, did Brittany know what she was doing when she pulled together one of the most elegantly stunning weddings of our time! She had all the help she could ever need from Krista of Addison Grace events as they worked together to combine tasteful peaks of metallics and a beautiful blend of watercolor to her reception.. as well as glitter – because in Brittany’s eyes “glitter is a color.” If you’re wanting inspiration for your upcoming Navy and Blush wedding.. you my darling friend, are in the right place! 

Jul 28, 2016

Although hundreds and hundreds of miles apart, you wouldn’t know from just meeting this pair that they had spent so much time not side by side. Anthony was finishing up vet school in California while Hillary stayed just north of us in KC. Their Separate worlds formed them into being the most sentimental couples of our career. They knew right away they were either shooting their engagements in Kansas City where they shared many memories.. or flying us out to California to recreate moments they wanted to last forever. Through this process we were the least hesitant we’ve ever been – trusting them that we would be going somewhere nothing short of splendid! Thanks to Hillary & Anthony we flew the furthest away from home to this day & will cherish their engagement session for years to come!

Apr 4, 2016

I have to be honest. The favorite part of a wedding day for me (Bee) is our first hour to hour and a half of being on site for wedding day, whether that be at the venue, the hotel, what have you. I absolutely love this first hour. There is excitement. There are dreams. Reality […]