BRITTany Compton




With an adventurous soul and witty humor, you are sure to have a good time with Brittany. As a photographer, she easily adapts to any situation thrown at her and handles things with ease. Culture, travel, nature, and eclectic charm inspire her. She is fascinated with the dynamics and history of everyones love story and strives to showcase it in her work.

As a videographer by trade I often got mistaken for a photographer. Finally, after the millionth person asked me to take their pictures I finally said YES! I started doing photos for my friends, family, and anyone else that thought I was a photographer. Little did I know I was uncovering a true passion of mine. Shortly after, I connected with the Ashleys and started working with them!

 I love nature, animals, and anything outdoors! Traveling the world is top on my bucket list and reading is one of my favorite pass times. My husband and I live in the country on some land with our two dogs and spend a lot of time remodeling our home or enjoying the outdoors together.

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shopping local, hunting + anything and everything outdoors