Apr 7, 2017

Friday Favorite X Audible + Harry Potter

Monthly favorite videos are my favorite videos to watch, so I figured it would be fun to implement that into our blog whether it be a personal favorite, a beauty favorite, a fitness favorite, or a photography-related favorite! As we’re getting the blog up and rolling with our first post Wednesday, we’re possibly most excited because this little addition to our blog will take place on Fridays where will share a new favorite each week.

To kick off, I had to start with an all-time, new-found high! This favorite I think will resonate with a lot of you wizardry fans. After driving up to Kansas City every other week, I found myself dreading the drives. After catching up on all of my favorite #bossbabe podcasts, I had to find another way to pass 3 hours one-way in the car. I stumbled upon Audible and after not having any idea what I wanted to read, I gave in. I, now, am pleased to say that I’m a die-hard Harry Potter obsessed 20-something. I don’t know why it took me 25 years to begin reading this series but the second I hit play, I physically felt my life changing.

If you are anything like I was, you probably figure that since you’ve seen the movies, there is no need in reading the books, you think they’ll be boring since you already know what happens or that it’s just not going to be relatable. My friend, you are dead wrong!

Harry Potter Quote

At the end of each book, I’ve found myself sobbing for Harry and his friends. I’ve found myself scribbling down every one of Dumbledore’s wise sayings. I’ve now realized I’ve forgotten many details from the movies and many of the internal happenings at Hogwarts simply cannot be shared on screen.

If you need a mental escape from time to time, or you’re on the road 6 hours a week like myself, do yourself a favor. Download Audible and use your first credit on Harry Potter.

I finished Prisoner of Azkaban this week and simply cannot WAIT to begin Goblet of Fire! In the meantime, I passed some time with  The Sorting Hat and found that my house is Hufflepuff. WHAT?! What’s yours!? Comment below!


  1. Sara Ayesh

    April 7th, 2017 at 9:44 pm

    Im a slytherin. Can we still be friends?

  2. Ashley Burbank

    April 8th, 2017 at 12:14 am

    Girl, yes! I’m a Hufflepuff, so we may be on two opposite ends of the spectrum 😉


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